ISRO 2013 RECRUITMENT-Study topics for ECE and relevant books for refernce

Every exam has a unique syllabus, pattern and difficulty.Similarly ISRO exam has its own features.Here I attempt to give the various topics that are repeated in the ISRO SCIENTIST exam ECE.
Some of the topics usually covered are
1.Diode Circuits-Zener Voltage Regulator,Series Parallel diode Circuits,Rectifiers,Clippers&Clampers
3.Filters-Circuit identification,features of various filters
4.Simple logic circuit simplification
5.Universal gate problems-use of NAND and NOR to implement other gates
6.Series parallel networks problems
7.RLC Circuits-Resonant frequency,bandwidth,Q factor calculation,Time Consatant (most repeated topic)
8.Amplitude Modulation-Total Power,Modulation Index,Power Saving Calculation,
9.Frequency Modualtion-Deviation,Modulation Index,Sideband,Adavntages and disadvantages,Circuits for detection and modualtion,Envelope detector based time constant calculation,Pre&De emphasis circuitry
10.Phase Modulation-Deviation,Comparison with FM, generation using Integrator and Differentiator
11.VSWR Calculation-Using reflection coefficient,Directional Coupler,load imp& char impedance given
12.Characteristic Impedance- OC and SC impedance of line given,lossless line
13.Code converter circuits-Gray to Binary,Excess 3 ,etc.
14.Shannon's Channel Capacity Theorem
15.Standard of Laplace Transforms
16.Basic Z Transforms
17.OpAmps-Calculation of CMRR,Slew Rate,Application-Summer
18.Relations of maxwell equations,calculation of intrinsic impedance
19.Covolution with unit impulse function
20.Memory Chip design-Given
21.QPSK features
22.Radar-Duty Cycle,Maximum Range calculation
23.Counters-Modulus calculation,RING COUNTER,JOHNSON COUNTER-Calculation of counts
24.Characteristic equation of Flip Flops
25.Calcualtion of Noise figure in casacade blocks
26.Superhetrodyne Reciever- Calculation of Image frequency,Image rejection ratio
27.Microprocessor-loop based programs,some features of various registers
   The Above mentioned topics are important and repeated often but they themselves are not enough. Studying these will give you a scope of learning other topics.
Refernce books
1.Electronic Devices and Circuits-Sallivahnan
2.Electronic Communication Systems-Wayne Tomsai
3.Mathematics-Erwin Kreyszig
4.Digital Electronics-MorrisMano
5.Digital Signal processing- Sallivahnan
6.Communication System-Simon Haykin


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