What is the Interview Process for ISRO?

ISRO conducts single round of technical interview for the selection process.ISRO centralized Recruitment board (ICRB) to recruit scientist and engineers .After clearance of written exams the candidates will be selected for the interview round. But, before attending for the interview candidates needs to have all the information about ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) including its products and business in which it works, recent news and features.

Through interview interviewer can judge whether the candidate is suitable for the desires of profession and as a person. Usually the interviewer always start probing questions to a candidate with introduction or they ask to “Tell me about yourself” to make easiness to the candidate. Technical interview is conducted for 30 minutes.

Here some of the Questions are Generally Asked during Interview

  1. Tell me about yourself and what is your job experience?
  2. What is Transaction (RDBMS?)
  3. What is DAR test?
  4. Interviewer may ask questions based on CG.
  5. For Technical interview they may ask questions regarding how does a mobile works?
  6. They may ask how you worked under stress. How did you handle it?
  7. What is more important to you money or work?

Generally the questions are asked of general type. Hence, check your general knowledge that how much you know about different aspects related to the topic. For example if the interviewer asked about how does a mobile work? Then you can check your knowledge regarding various protocols, various modulation technique, and disadvantages. The interviewer expected to tell them all these things.


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